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IT departments in the Education field can deliver tremendous value and a consistently high level of timely service to their institutions, but they must first overcome a number of hurdles standing in their way.

The typical IT department in a college, university or other educational institution faces formidable challenges ranging from ensuring network and information security to having inadequate control over the distributed IT environment. In most cases, the lack of a centralized remote network and systems management solution results in operational inefficiency and unnecessarily high management costs.

Compounding these issues for IT professionals is that environments can often be highly decentralized with different faculties or campuses having their own networks, and many vendors' products and point solutions in use. A high level of end-user churn from student graduation also complicates IT management.

Taking control of the network

The good news is that these challenges, however difficult, can be quickly and cost-effectively overcome with the solution we have developed for you. The network is designed to address the needs of small, midsize to large educational institutions.

The flexible solution has the power to:

  • Gain full control of your network with a solution that addresses all IT management requirements with in a single, integrated, convenient toolset
  • Automate many manual IT processes and services to achieve superior operational efficiency
  • Provide better IT value to the institution in general and end-users in particular
  • Discover, track and inventory all network assets from one central console
  • Remotely monitor, manage, control and report on your entire network across multiple buildings and campus locations
  • Protect all network endpoints with a fully integrated, enterprise-class managed endpoint security solution

Want Some Design and Demonstration

For design and demonstration of each of the solutions, please contact us, or speak to one of our network professionals at +977-1-4487099 and find out how our solution can best benefit you.

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