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Industry Solutions: Banking and Finance


We have identified three levels of institutions in Nepal, who opt for a complete solution.

First those, who seek a complete solution thereby ensuring no near-future changes undergoing.

Second are those, who opt for first solution but are not able to cope with the budget that requires. These institutions prefer standards base design and implementation with provision of complete solution in the near future.

And, last not least, are those who opt for a complete solution within a marginal budget.

For all of these, we've developed solutions which are as follows:

Medium/Low budget solution:

Such solution has no redundancy maintained. This is developed such that whenever redundancy is implemented, the design remains intact with some minor changes. This helps medium/low budget institutions to work hassel-free in normal operations. Since no redundancy is maintained, its upto the customer to backup their data regurlarly.

Standard Solution:

Such solution is for the institutions who opt for the complete solution with some future considerations. This solution provides redundancy services to link, data and devices such that in failure of single link or device, the solution still offers services to branch and standalone ATMs as well. This also includes security solution of your network.

Advanced Solution:

This solution offers the complete solution to financial institutions. In addition to the redundancy and security covered by the standard solution, it also adds advanced security features including but not limited to monitoring system, centralized authentication, authorization, and posture validation, etc.

Want Some Design and Demonstration

For design and demonstration of each of the solutions, please contact us, or speak to one of our network professionals at +977-1-4487099 and find out how our solution can best benefit you.

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Industry Solutions
We have identified three levels of Financial institutions in Nepal. As per these identified levels, we have developed solutions...


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