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Maintaining strong defenses to protect your business applications and assets is a constant challenge. Evolving applications, solutions, services, and security threats require your organization to constantly reevaluate the effectiveness of the defenses in place. Even with a skilled network security staff and well-developed policies, staying abreast of emerging vulnerabilities and security best practices can be difficult.


Threats from an eroding perimeter, unsolicited e-mail, botnets, malware, and information theft disrupt productivity, adversely affect customer relationships, and erode profits. IT departments must manage security risks while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Both Cisco and Juniper security solution, allows you to connect, communicate, and conduct business securely while protecting users, information, applications, and the network. Some of such use checking Authentication, Authorization, Posture Validation etc., and by using technologies like SSL VPN, Secure Desktop enforcement on clients, where applicable.

Such pervasive security can help your organization:

  • Minimize security and compliance IT risk
  • Reduce the IT administrative burden
  • Lower the total cost of ownership/operation

Some of Cisco Security solutions include Cisco SAFE, and Cisco Self Defending Network. Juniper solution to this include Security and Compliances.

Integrated Security

A secure network platform provides the ability to tightly integrate security capabilities to meet the requirements of specific network architectures. We have identified them as:

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Industry Solutions
We have identified three levels of Financial institutions in Nepal. As per these identified levels, we have developed solutions...


Private sector of Nepal has a huge investment in Education. To provide state-of-the-arts training and behavioral approach of learning...


SMB and ENT Solutions
Network Integration
If you are started building your network, or if you want to migrate to newer technologies like MPLS, we are there to assist you via our solution - Network Integration.


SMB Solutions
SMB Solution help you deploy cost-effective yet robust networking that will support the next-day technologies within your budget...


Core Networking
Multiple branch networking with integrated security and secure inside network are the main benefits of implementation of the solution we provide...


Network Security
Maintaining strong defenses to protect your business applications and assets is a constant challenge...


Unified Communication

Unified Communications combine all forms of business communications into a single, unified solution for powerful new ways.


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